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Easter is Upon Us--10 Days Away

Easter is almost here and I know everyone is busy trying to get things ready. Making sure Easter baskets are purchased, got the ingredients to color the eggs, special outfits are hanging in the closets, and getting all the trimmings for your Sunday feast!

We have a special going for those who want something that will last longer than the chocolate bunny and hot crossed buns, as tasty as those are.

JGG is offering 10% off select soaps, these are the soaps we have more off at the moment and hope sell soon. We're not going to offer a sale site wide at this time, as much as we'd like to be able to. But we hope this way everyone can have a chance to purchase a bar of soap or two before items sell out.

Be sure to check out our soap page to see which soaps we have specifically for you!

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Amanda & Mama Gayle

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