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We Are Open...Come Get to Know US

After all the trials, mishaps, and major learning curves JGG is finally open for business.

This has been a roller coaster of emotions in moving everything from one site to this one, trying to troubleshoot problems that were new and uncharted territory.

It has truly been a trial by fire kind journey and so happy it is finally over. Now a brand new chapter can begin!

Mama Gayle and I are excited to finally have a place where can offer our handmade wares. Let me share a little bit about us.

Mama Gayle is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She has been knitting for 57 years and still counting. Crocheting was something she didn't pick up till she was married, so respectively 40+ years of crocheting doilies, coasters, and hot mats. She has also crocheted scarves and is considering adding those later on to the store and may even have a blanket/afghan to add that will be the combination of all the yarns she has used to make the amazing products you see on the site.

Amanda is a single mom and has always been a craft lover of various mediums. Her interest in soap making came about slowly. For the last several years she has toyed with the idea of making soaps for certain family members that would soothe sensitive skin. With a year of research under her belt, Amanda took care to learn about what ingredients to use and which to stay away from. She made it her mission to search out organic ingredients as well as vegan when possible. After trying various products and using her family as guinea pigs, JGG soaps are finally here for everyone!

Our main focus is on soaps that are both unscented and non colored. This helps to provide a product for those with the most sensitive skin issues. We are not an artisan soapery, which is what so many seem to be offering these days. However, we do offer a line called Hint of Scent and Hint of Color. These are soaps that contain the barest amount of fragrance and coloring. As a customer, you are cautioned to not purchase either if you are unsure of how your skin will react.

All of our colorants are organic and sourced either here in the USA or from India. The fragrance oils are natural and used in the most minute amounts, often labeled accordingly to when and how much is added to the soap batch.

Jones General Goods is excited about this new venture and hope you all enjoy everything we offer. More is certainly to come, so stay tuned!


Amanda and Mama Gayle

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